Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gunpowder Van

This afternoon I finally finished the Parkside Dundas (PC86) GWR 10 Ton Gunpowder Van Z2 kit that's been in the workbench for a few weeks.

The lettering/numbering is homegrown and a chance to try out the Crafty Computer Paper DIY transfer sheets.

Painting and weathering is my usual build up of washes, blobs of paint and dry brushing. I prefer to work this way over airbrushing these days. These steel bodied wagons are always a joy to replicate with the tin worm which took over due to our wet climate.

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  1. Hi Chris, your setup is Amazing and our inspiration! My son(12), hubby and me-if I get a look in, are just starting out and you certainly give us something to aspire too. Massive, beautiful heights!

    I have found I'm pretty good at model making (humble cough) and I want to weather them all, buildings, turntable and all rolling stock and locos. Can you please give me an idea of what paints to use. I will be brushing not airbrushing. Acrylics seem pretty common.What thinks you?


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