Saturday 8 September 2012

Voie Libre - In English!

I've been a huge fan of Voie Libre for many years and even had Arne Wharf featured in it with my random scribbles translated so expertly by Geoffrey Nickson into a far more eloquent French.

My knowledge of French like most Brits is pretty appalling, however I can fumble through the magazine with a free dowloadable separate English translation from the Voie Libre website. I quite like this because I'm slowy learning the language of toy chuffers in French/Franglais.

Now for the eye Pad generation this delightful magazine aimed at modellers of all things narrow gauge is available in English, not as a separate download to the magazine, but THE actual magazine - all for a modest £3.31 which is about the price of a pint of bitter in Surrey.

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  1. For those without iPads you can actually read this on your desktop PC/Mac as well - back copies are available to Sept 2010. Like you Chris I used to struggle through the French edition and had to wait a couple of weeks for their translation to be published so this is very welcome!


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