Sunday 3 June 2012

Brugge Break

120601_brugge_DSC_5250 by nevardmedia
120601_brugge_DSC_5250, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

A well deserved break has been needed for quite some time, so at the very last moment we hit, Eurotunnel and booked a couple of days in Bruges, Begium.

Bruges, or Brugge as the locals call it, is a beautiful moat surrounded medieval town full of gorgeous cobbled streets and buildings which haven't been swept away by 1960's developers, of if they have, they've been built to blend in. Europeans, apart from maybe the French who love concrete even more that us Brits are frequently much better in this respect. If I was to compare in to somewhere in the UK that comparison would fall to Bath or York.

Bruges isn't somewhere if you're after the high life partying or going to Disneyworld, it's a little more grown up and genteel than that, its 'entertainment' is the architecture and many cafes, all of which sell a huge number of interesting beers. In fact their beers, being of the top fermented variety have far more in common with an English ale that any German lager.

So, rather than show you dozens of photos of buildings which will be there long after I've gone, and anyway a Google image search will pull of billions of those, I used the camera to capture some of the drinks we enjoyed. And if I had to choose a bar for the desert island, that honour would have to be Brugs Biertje which has the biggest beer menu I've ever seen!

And now to the beer photos here!

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