Monday, 23 April 2012

Old Girl.....

This will be the last in this quad-track mainline series, for everyone much be getting bored to death! I really need to get on and do some other stuff, but it was set up under the lights all last week for some 'other stuff' and the temptation to snap I found all too much as you may have guessed!

An elderly Johnson 1P built in 1901 gallops along the Midland Mainline in Derbyshire on a misty day in 1955.

This loco turned 30 in January this year, I built it from a Craftsman kit all those years ago. Superglue was used in much of the construction, but 30 years in it's still in one piece.

The chassis was recently rebuilt by Philip Hall, it now runs a dream and the wheels hardly ever need a clean - a tribute to Phil's workmanship.

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