Sunday 22 April 2012

Greater Expections

120421_37422_IMG_3056 by nevardmedia
120421_37422_IMG_3056, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.
A light Freightliner 66618 laps 37422 heading a scrap metal working on the up slow.

Digital photography as a tool to modelling means that we constantly try for better levels of detail, or quality of the detail. The Vi-Trains class 37 above is just such an example, for when I added the detail pack and weathered it up 3 or 4 years ago I was very happy with it. Now I look at the lamp irons and windows in particular and think that they could be so much better.

Of course when we see such models with the naked eye from several feet away at a show they look spot on, but close up photography like this highlights those smaller things that could be improved somewhat. The wonky plastic lamp irons from the detail pack look just like what they're supposed not too, and the prism effect of the glazing and heavy windscreen frames look crude now. I am pleased with the finish though, so it's unlikely that I'll be doing any more with that.

Time permitting I'll address the lesser bits with some etched bits and some Shawplan glazing, if only to please the lens of the camera - for I have plans for another modern day (ish) industrial layout emerging on the back of an envelope. As primarily a steam era modeller I'll have to gen up on those diesel detail suppliers now, which from what I can see is a constantly changing arsenal of better and better bits. I also have a Lenz DCC package on long term loan, so once I've fathomed what it's all about there's scope for proper lighting and maybe even sound - expense allowing of course!

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  1. Essentially as long as you know about Shawplan, you're sorted diesel modelling wise!


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