Monday 22 August 2011

An angle of BQ you won't normally see

nevard_110821_BQ_IMG_0923_WEB by nevardmedia
nevard_110821_BQ_IMG_0923_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Here's an angle you won't normally be able to see unless you peer over the end of Brewhouse Quay behind the lighting rig. From this angle, the track layout can be observed to full effect including the wagon turntable which links to a siding that runs out right through the backscene to the other side to allow a little fun swapping wagons around.

Very shortly, the line in the centre foreground will be extended towards the photographer's groin, between 2 buildings out of shot and through the backscene to another small fiddle yard which has yet to be constructed.

The 2 lines that disappear behind the brewery buildings run through to a hidden sector plate which links to further sidings behind the backscene.

Hopefully all the above will provide a margin of excitement and entertainment that will keep the poor operator amused for maybe 4 or 5 minutes before going terminally mad from the shear boredom of pushing wagons to and fro in a random manner. Clever people would think of some kind of shunting puzzle to make some purpose, but with most viewers only watching a layout for a couple of minutes maximum (the gold fish bowl theory), and operational-apathy on behalf of muggins here, such excessive organisational indulgence could be wasted or maybe not?


  1. Well, you do have an Inglenook there, ampongst other things!

  2. I like these kinds of shot and wish there was at least one "eye-in-the-sky" shot of each layout when they are presented in magazines such as Model Rail. Whilst layouts of this sort are very much about creating and perfecting the illusion of reality it is helpful to have an overview to see how everything, i.e., back-scene, layout, baseboard, fiddle yards, lighting, etc., is done to achieve this.

  3. I always endeavor to shoot an over all view - though sometimes the layouts are far too big or we don't have enough room to publish.

    The overall shot of Averton Hammer in last month's issue of Model Rail needed 3 wide shots merged with a panorama tool to get it all in!


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