Monday 11 July 2011

Model Rail - August 2011 - Modelling the Somerset & Dorset

For fans of the SDJR this is is a real treat, featuring 3 wonderful SDJR layouts - 2 of them having never been in print before before.

Evercreech New is Julian Birley's stunning depiction of this much loved station in O gauge in he 1950's & 1960's era. The layout is so accurate that I was able to match some Ivo Peters photographs. The biggest problem I has was getting the camera low enough - 12 inch to the foot camera gear being a bit of a squeeze into this O gauge world!

Next up is Averton Hammer, Richard Knott's HUGE SDJR layout, though railway network would be more accurate description with trains running through a vast landscape featuring several much loved icons of S&DJR engineering. As with Evercreech New, the era is the popular 1950's & 1960's.

Thirdly we have Simon Challis' Cheddar, a pre-war period-piece 'could have been' depiction of the S&D station at Cheddar in P4. In contrast with the other two layouts the clock has been wound back to the era of Prussian Blue locomotives, passenger trains and colourful private owner wagons depicting some of the various companies that will be familiar to students of the S&DJR.

To accompany the layout, there are various feature to help steer prospective modellers of the S&D in the right direction to capturing the unique atmosphere which charmed so many and still does.

OK, enough waffle from me - here's the content listing....

  • The BIG PICTURE (promoting next month's layout cracker!)
  • The BIG PICTURE 2 (and it's a real stunner - well I think so!)
  • Model News
  • Reviews
  • Layout: Evercreech New
  • S&D Atmosphere
  • Layout:Averton Hammer
  • Masterplan: Midford
  • Workbench: How to Glue Plastics
  • Workbench: A Shady Technique
  • Supertest: Couplings
  • Workbench: Pipework Perfection
  • Workbench: Make Your Own Etched Parts
  • Layout: Cheddar
  • Modelling S&D Trains
  • Model Rail Shop
  • Exhibition Diary
  • George's Diary


  1. How many Tails have you been modelling? Good to know there's a specialist shop for them.


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