Saturday, 16 July 2011

Midford Masterplan

MIDFORD_PLAN_web by nevardmedia
MIDFORD_PLAN_web, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.
This month's Model Rail is a SDJR special featuring 3 rather good SDJR layouts - 2 out of 3 of them having never been in print before either. It is of course right that 'Masterplan' should have a strong S&DJR flavour too with Midford as as a 'roundy-roundy', which with a little compromise would fit into the average garage or loft. To find out more about this special issue you'll need pick up a copy to find out more.

I can however reveal a little about my original idea which was designed as a long shelf layout that could go along a wall or exhibiton layout. So, rather than the original plan sitting on my hard drive shedding pixels, here it is for all to see.

Thinking about it, there is no reason why such a layout couldn't form part of a roundy roundy for exhibitions, but live on a shelf when at home. Whilst end to end fiddle yards would work, this part of the line was known for its long goods and passenger trains, something that would be a bit of a nightmare if one used cassettes because in OO they'd be getting on for 10 feet long and even in N gauge they'd be dangerously long!

Another thought could be to ignore the station and viaduct and have the goods yard as a separate 'micro', but then 10 carriage passenger and 30 wgaon good trains could look a little silly because they'd probably be longer that the layout. Of course one could always extend towards Bath and include Tucking Mill Viaduct.

To discuss the idea further, I have set up a thread on RMweb here - see you there?

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