Sunday, 22 May 2011

Green Planet

The Roxey Mouldings Planet 0-4-0 Diesel has now been painted and is ready for weathering and glazing. There is plenty of scope really to go to town with rust spots and patched up paintwork. The nameplate from Narrow Planet is possibly a little large, but there again it's a very small loco. My excuse is that it is second hand!

Named 'Fleur', here it is parked on the canal edge at Brewhouse Quay.

Click here for a bigger view


  1. I'll send some smaller plates!

  2. Hi Stephen,

    That's very kind, but there really is no need, I'm more than happy! The plate was originally going to go on a much bigger loco, then some how or other ended up here!

    It's bonded very firmly to the side of the cab now, if I try to remove it I'll spoil the paintwork. With RAILEX this coming weekend I need to finish later today anyway.

    Thank you though!


  3. " Fleur " very nice small name !


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