Sunday 27 March 2011

A Load of Old Cobbles

nevard_110327_brewhQ_track_IMG_9467_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

I wasn't totally happy with yesterday morning's depiction of sets or cobbles, the effect was too coarse and somewhat over scale. At least though if ever I model O gauge it's a techniques that can be used there.

By chance I was trying to find a pen to take a message from a caller, and after I put the phone down had one of those eureka moments using the ball point pen with the writing bit removed to stamp the little stones into the squidgy DAS modelling clay - the shot above showing of the revised effect.

Having done the whole front, I'm now working towards the rear of the layout. The natural window light is very acute here giving a somewhat over-accentuated effect that will not be seen to such a degree under the layout's own built in lighting.

Painting in due course will kick off with a mix of black, grey and red aerosol primers, the stones will then be drying brushed using matt enamel, selecting beiges and greys as used on this stone building here. I prefer to start dark in colour and dry bush on the lighter tones rather than flooding dull paint washes over light colours which frequently lacks control and gives unpredictable results.

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  1. That looks extremely convincing to me, Chris! :) Watching with interest.


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