Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cream of Tartar

58086 on a cold but sunny snowy morning in 1957 awaits with the 11am service from Combwich to Evercreech Junction.

People who know me know that I'm not one to be taken for a ride by cottage scenic manufacturers passing off household products as bespoke items for model railways, then charging 1500% over the odds for sticking it in a small clear bag and a trashy photocopy. OK rant over, the snow is cream of tartar, something that you will probably have in your larder with a sell by date of March 1993. And oh yes it vacuums off by the way!

W I D S C R E E N wallpaper version here!


  1. Chris, You beat me to it! My Christmas scene will be published December 1st on my model railway website. Did you really sprinkle chemicals over your model? Yours is a lovely scene (with better photo clarity than my efforts) but, a realistic snow scene can be produced in Photoshop quite easily without having to touch the railway.

  2. Annnnnd.....set as desktop wallpaper!

  3. You'll be pleased to know (or not maybe) that it all vacummed off easily. Photoshop snow? Sounds like that would take a lot longer than just a 10 second sprinkle and then 20 second vacuum after taking a few snaps. I'd like to see some results though;-)

  4. Chris, as always inspirational. Any chance of larger wallpapers - just treated myself to a 1920 x 1080 monitor. It seems a shame to suffer the fuzziness that goes with enlarging.


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