Tuesday, 16 February 2010

DCC and me

Lenz Set 100 DCC, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

A very kind benefactor has kindly long-term-loaned me what I gather is a very good DCC system to mess about with in the form of a Lenz Set 100 DCC set up.

The plan therefore is to buy some chips for my modern diesel stock which is mainly DCC ready - the 'ready' bit is very important, because electical stuff really is not my forte.

Luckily Cement Quay, bar a couple of sidings can all be 'turned on' which should allow a simple changeover. I will however make sure at the flick of a switch I'm able to convert back to DC - why, because occasionally I like to run a steam era scenario - many locomotives of which would be a nightmare to convert because they're so old.

My wife the other day even said that she liked sound fitted locomotives - what a sweetie! At least when I save up some pennies I won't need to smuggle the offending 'noisy loco' into the house and only operate it when she it out!

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  1. Hi Chris,
    First German rolling stock on your layout, now this... :-)

    Good luck with going digital.
    We use Lenz at the club and our N-scale layout "Louise-Marie" runs with the same system you just loaned.
    We've equipped every loco with a decoder. Steam and diesel, old and new, and once you get the hang of putting in decoders it's quite easy to do.
    If you want more info, just let me know...


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