Monday 4 January 2010

Galloping Greyhound

8503_mhr_bighton_30120_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

'Greyhound T9' & Austerity 'Errol Lonsdale' make light work of a Medstead bound working just west of Ropley, Spring 1985. Rolleicord, Agfachrome 100 Pro

Back to the mid 1980's photography was simple and technology was not running away with itself. In those days it was what you put in the camera that counted, that and a degree of skill - no review screen in those days! This shot I recall at the time was to test out some new all singing & dancing Agfachrome 100 that had just appeared as a faster rival to the long lived 50 asa (iso) CT18. The camera, a late 1950's Rolleicord 5a twin lens reflex.

I didn't use the Agfachrome again, the result being a little muddy compared to Ektachrome and the new in your face Fujichrome RDP 100 that had just come onto the market. Still, with relatively inexpensive medium format scanners and a touch of photoshop we can now compensate for the film's possible shortcomings.

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