Monday 4 January 2010

The Trainsets Go Big Yellow!

Cemeny Quay Goes Big Yellow!, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

With an impending move to a new house, I thought it best to avoid having the removal company having anything to do with the model railways. To get around this I've hired storage at Big Yellow so the layouts can be out of harm's way on the move day. I can then pick them up at my leisure after we've settled in (OK, the following day!).

Here's the beast that is Cement Quay riding in luxury down the corridors of Big Yellow. I could do with one of these trollies when taking a layout to an exhibition!


  1. Self storage is very handy for railway modellers - I use a similar set up to store our layouts and model boats. Watch out though as it gets adictive - one less worry when considering adding a new kit to the pile as storage space isn't such an issue !

  2. The £79 per month is enough to ensure it won't be long term. I was going to move the layouts tomorrow and the day after - looking outside I made the right move last week..LOL!

  3. The first photo of the layout I have seen which has not been Photoshopped!LOL

    Just joking Chris good luck with the move


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