Thursday, 3 December 2009

Top up with the Grasmaster

The baloney....
58086 slows for Catcott with an afternoon service from Templecombe in August 1956.

Actually..... the real reason for this shot is to show off the topped up static grass using a Noch Grasmaster. The grass on the embankment was a little short, we all know that in real life (though very rarely modelled because most modellers are blind to anything outside the 4 foot because they're so wound up about the rather time expired 16.5mm vs 18.2 vs 18.83mm debate aka 'gauge rage') that rough wild grass can grow to in access of 4 feet in the summer months. The joy of static grass is that to gain extra height all one has to do is build up another layer on top of what's aleady there. The trick is to use paler more straw like tones for the top layer so as to depict the dead feathery tops.

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