Tuesday 11 November 2008

Building a 1970's style kit.........

OK, moving on, in my quest to improve, introduce and upgrade some of my steam era stock before Catcott Burtle' s next outing at RAILEX next May......

Here we have coffee table job (note the hot pepper sauce for the boy and handcream for her indoors on the left) bought last weekend at WycRail, an Ian Kirk, aka Coopercraft LNER 51' 1-1/2" Full Brake is now on the modelling bench. This item of stock will form part of a milk and or perishables consist.

The basic body, roof and ends are great! The underframe, bogies and such are very flaky misaligned tired mouldings sadly in black (grrr, so they're tricky to tidy and assemble 'cos they're difficult to see the relief on - 'grey is the only way' don't you know?) and needed a bit of beefing up here and there to ensure they'll last more than 3 minutes.

Here we are so far awaiting a few more additional bits in the neither regions. The lower detailing was all a bit of guesswork, the instructions being more like a secret quiz that only the writer/designer understands. Anyway, got there in the end even, if I did replace the battery boxes with something more useable (block of foamboard)! The body will be lined maroon (Halfords British Leyland Damask). Sourcing pics has been a tad tricky despite looking all over the place (bar actually buying the recommended book 'LNER Gresley Carriages' which is unlikley to see much further use).
Numbers indicated on the paperwork suggest various from 70070 up to 70564 depending on versions. I guess for BR days one would put an 'E' on either end of this?

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  1. Wow, deja vu. That looks almost exactly the same as the model my dad made for his 60's era BR layout, just before he gave up and sold up, unfortunately, but a great little memory nonetheless


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