Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Art of Illusion Without Photoshop

I have a job next week to photograph 60 or so OO gauge locos. So, rather than use a length of Peco like everybody else on a bit curled up white paper, I used a sheet or two of foamboard, a length of C&L and some spare Silfor grass matting, carpet underlay, hanging basket liner and various dyed sawdusts. This all combined has hopefully resulted in a niftly display photo platform which also gave me the chance to mess about testing out some autumnal looking scenics.
Here you see the result of about 6 hours work. Oh yes, the print is one of my skies run off to 20x30 inches at Photobox online lab, which means no need to mess about with jiggery pokery adding skies and such 'cos everything can be done in camera - result?

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