Friday 20 April 2012

Model Rail – May 2012 (169)

Model Rail – May 2012 (169)

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New Limited Edition Loco
We unveil our next exclusive ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge locomotive.

Biggest ever news section
Exclusive pictures of Hornby’s Thompson coaches and other leading manufacturer news

Bachmann 2012/13
Ben Jones and Ben Ando report on another ambitious new range of ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge models from Bachmann and Graham Farish.

Dapol’s new ‘A4’ and ready-to-run signals, Hornby’s umber & cream ‘Brighton Belle’ and Bachmann’s new ‘Cities’ are the stars of this month’s selection of new models.

Layout: Castle Works
Paul Rolley had to contend with a two-month deadline and a tight budget when he built this homage to Cardiff’s steel industry.

Feature: By Royal Appointment
Chris Leigh shows that there’s more to Royal Train operation than just a clean locomotive and claret coaches.

Layout: Stapley
Faced with a partially completed layout and a looming exhibition deadline, Phil Haskins had no choice but to teach himself how to make scenery.

Basics: Drill small holes
Drilling into baseboards is one thing, but what about delicate items such as models? George Dent shows you how it’s done.

Test: Neo Wonder
There’s a new budget airbrush on the market and George Dent has put it to the test.

Skills: Make your own trees
Peter Marriott reveals the secrets to making great-looking trees.

Skills: XPO Express
Dave Spencer guides you through the weathering techniques needed to create suitable ex-private owner coal wagons for 1950s/1960s layouts.

Supertest: Grasses & flowers
Peter Marriott shows you what you need to re-create Mother Nature’s vibrancy in model form.

Project: Fulfilling the freight fantasy
Just because a locomotive didn’t exist, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the detail.

Project: Improve the Hornby ‘VEP’
David Deadman has come up with a few refinements for Hornby’s ‘4-VEP’.

Project: Introducing Polbrock
Chris Nevard builds a basic baseboard as the foundation for his latest micro marvel.

Project: Improve Dapol’s coach kits
Chris Moorhouse assembles Dapol’s LMS 57ft coaches, and suggests how to improve them.

George’s Diary
George Dent finds that there’s still plenty to see at Crewe.

Layout: Holby St George’s
Shaun Gates took inspiration from a well-known television series to create this compact urban layout.

Layout: Greenvale
Alan Simmonds explains how he created the superb greenery on his ‘OO’ gauge work-in-progress.

Your modelling questions answered by our experienced expert modellers.

More modelling miscellany with Chris Leigh.

Next Issue
A teasing glimpse of our special issue dedicated to all that’s best about the East Coast Main Line.

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  1. Bought it yesterday. Good stuff. If the other 3 bits not already untouchable could you please make sure we get plenty of detail on the lighting rigs, and the back scene production as these are really crucial to your success as far as I can see. Cheers.

  2. All in turn, here is a very rough outline, things are subject to change though, but hopefuly not too much.

    Polbrock Part1

    Intro and concept
    Where is Polbrock
    Track plan
    Building the basboard

    Polbrock Part 2

    Planning and laying track
    Buffer stop
    Painting track
    Station halt
    Building the platform
    Sweet's Bridge
    Favourite colours

    Polbrock Part 3

    Scenic skeleton and base
    Ballasting the siding
    Ground cover and colouring
    Ballasting the through line
    Preparing and using static grass.

    Extra feature:
    Homebrewed photographic backscene (run before or parallel with part 4)

    Polbrock Part 4 (still being worked on)
    Fine detailing
    Adding the backscene

    1. Decisions...decisions...

      As your layouts are my yardstick for achieving the best in realism and homogeneity, do I push on with my own little rural mill siding diversion project and find out what I've done wrong afterwards, or do I halt work for a few months and make sure I do it right?

      Perhaps, I need to retire to the pub to think strategy...


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