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Friday, 19 August 2011

More Miniature Street Light Nerdism

I'm really getting into building streetlights;  with this 'Lucy Large Swan Neck Bracket taking about an hour from start to finish and was scratch-built from bits of wire, brass tube and plastic rod as with my Mk1 version here http://nevardmedia.blogspot.com/2011/08/art-deco-electric-street-light.html 

It depicts one of the later electric designs with a less ornate swan neck from the 1950's with a rotary timer from a design dating back to the 1920's. To get really in to street-light-nerdism, the lantern is my rather crude interpretation of an 'ESLA Bi-Multi Group "AL" Two-Way 165°' made from some brass tube filed in half and mangled a bit with some small pliers.

The faded mid-green, after painting with Humbrol 101 I then dust over a little Halfords grey primer from a couple of feet away to get the effect of faded paint.

The light is seen here freshly planted on a corner of Brewhouse Quay and could do with a few weeds around the base. Betty Stoggs of Her Majesty's Customs and Excise as usual was keen to pose for the camera.

I'm now waiting now for some smart Alec to tell me that a kit is available and why didn't I make it work....


  1. Ah Betty Stoggs has moved from Truro and found gainful employment-Skinners Brewery will mourn the loss! TFIC

  2. Love it!
    *Sigh* more stuff to learn about.

  3. Stoggs was her maiden name. After she married she became Betty Swallocks.


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