Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Cheeky Minky

nevard_110510_minkD_DSC_2168_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.

A  Parkside Dundas kit of a GWR 'Mink D' Goods Van after assembly and a  coat of BR Carmine courtesy of Halfords Ford Venetian Red. Obviously  this wagon is not yet finished should anyone ask, the roof needs  painting grey, the underframe black, then numbering, couplings and the  all important weathering.

Parkside  Dundas kits are mostly a joy to assemble, with little flash and carving  required to get them to fit together, with the basic assembly taking  about an hour. However in this kit for some reason the brake shoe legs  or arms or whatever they're called are about 3mm too short, so a little  shim of plastic card was bonded to the underside of the chassis behind  the solebars so the shoes hang at the correct height in relation to the  wheels. Some of the chassis detail is supplied as thin plastic rod which  will last about 3 minutes in the real world, so that was replaced with  some suitable brass wire for added strength and fidelity.

Historically  to be totally accurate, it's touch and go as to whether this type of  GWR Mink D lasted into the BR era, though the similar looking later designs did. Of course in Nevardland I don't worry about bending time ever so slightly, and anyway, the only people that might get upset probably have squeaky voices and are generally not the sort I'd be comfortable introducing to my wife or 'normal'  friends .......;)

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