Friday, 27 May 2011

10 inches in 2 Minutes

Model Rail Magazine's Sentinel, taking around 2  minutes to traverse a mere 10 inches (that 25cm in new money) in the sidings at Combwich.


  1. Is this running on DC or DCC? Thanks

  2. DC, a good feedback controller, well laid spotless track and wheels is all you need.

    If you don't have these things DCC might be better, but a feed back controller works in a similar fashion adjusting the power to the loco in the event of uneven pickup.

  3. Interesting and hugely impressive, something to show people who say you have to have DCC to achieve good slow running!
    Is it also a PWM controller or 'just' a feedback one? You can tell us the maker if you like!!

  4. It's just a bog standard Gaugemaster handheld unit. Cost about the same as a DCC chip!

    I can see the point of DCC is one has a huge layout and 100's of new locos. But much of my stuff would be tricky to modify and on a branchline one is unlikely to have more than a couple of emgines.

    I see alot of DCC layouts, the operators always get into a mess forgetting numbers and locos forgetting what's been progreammed into them.

    Then I think of all the money I've saved - happy times!

  5. What puts me off DCC is would you ever know that you've got all those CV's set correctly...

  6. Firstly may I thank you for your quick replies.
    Can I also say, though I've yet to see one of your layouts in the flesh, the pictures of your layouts are inspirational. I suspect your modelling skills are only matched by your photographic ones!

  7. CV? That's one of those things you need when applying for a job? No idea what they have to do with model trains;-)

    Good layouts? nah, I just have control over what bits not to photograph!


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