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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Twist & Shunt!

Look, a working wagon turntable for Brewhouse Quay! The is a test for a forthcoming currently top secret kit which will be revealed in due course in Model Rail. 

The multi media construction is of etched nickel-silver, plastic and thin ply, and is the result of about 2 hours work. Operation in my case is a simple lever under the baseboard which allows it to twist through the 90 or so degrees required. Once the layout is finished I'm thinking along the lines of a miniature rope, capstan and chain system for pulling the wagon out of the siding between the two buildings which disappears off behind the backscene to another part of the brewery.

The rather fetching building is the background is the lovely Bachmann Scenecraft limited edition Birch Hall Inn based on the real CAMRA award winning pub at Beck Hole in North Yorkshire. This cracking model can be purchased ready to have a miniature pint in from The Trafford Model Centre.

Update 26/3/11, If you want to find out more about wagon turntables that were very much a feature of industrial railways follow this excellent link.


  1. Hi Chris,
    Yet another inspiring piece of work, to be honest I can't remember seeing a working wagon turntable in 4mm scale let alone a capstan ! Hope you manage to pull it off.


  2. Very interesting. Is that based on an actual device?

  3. Can't recomend a capstan. We thought about these for the Dock but decided that all we'd do is spend 10 minutes fiddling around with bits of thread only for the wagon to wobble unrealistically into the warehouse. The trouble (IMHO) is that 4mm scale wagons don't have the mass to run properly, you need 7mm for that.
    Nice turntable kit though.


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