Thursday, 10 March 2011

Brewhouse Quay: First Running Loco

Wiring has commenced on Brewhouse Quay, working from right to left, the first 2 points are operational as this video demonstrates. The performance is very smooth, any jerkiness here being the YouTube compression, processing and should not be an indication of actually running qualities.

I'm not using under layout point motors this time, but using Caboose Hobbies Ground Throws as seen here in the short video. Whilst they are American in style, they weren't unfamiliar in UK industrial locations. Frog polarity switching is under the baseboard using a simple switch from 0.75 brass wire extending from the turnout blade tie which I'll cover in due course.To find out more about the manual point throws, read Nigel Burkin's excellent feature in the April 2010 Model Rail Mag.

Next, I'll be tackling the diamond crossing......


  1. Chris....looks great...very impressive track-work indeed.
    I'm very partial to the Caboose local club is using the 224S as shown in the link
    for our Frome layout.
    The 224S has the built in contacts to switch frog polarity and seems to work very well.

  2. I'm impressed at how well the 0-4-0T runs. Have you made any alterations to it, or is still 'standard'?

  3. Very nice video Chris and a very neat layout! Looking forward to seeing the diamond crossing in action...


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