Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wallpaper for Wednesday

In the late summer of 1964 Ivatt Class 2 tank No. 41248 slows for Catcott Burtle with the 2pm service from Evercreech Junction to Highbridge. Note the gleaming ex-works Hawksworth brake composite passenger coach and the Southern Railway bogie parcels van for cheese, cider and another perishables.

The coach is my most recent item of rolling stock, and it will of course be weathered in due course. I intend to add a yellow band above the first class section. A single Hawksworth coach and a bogie van was a typical formation for Highbridge branch passenger trains in the final few years on the former S&D.

Pic: this was taken on a little Canon G9 in natural north facing window light with the camera resting on a bean bag. Exposure was 1 second at f8 which is the little Canon's smallest aperture. The backscene is not a fake one added after the photo was taken but an actual high photographic one attached to the rear of the layout and created from a panorama taken near the real location.
  • W I D E S C R E E N computer wall paper can be found HERE!


  1. "... and the Southern Railway bogie parcels van for cheese, cider and other perishables."

    ... and a very happy RWJ in the middle of that lot who'd managed to sneak his way in!

  2. I'm with you there Richard, but would settle for 1st class which is right next to the van;-)


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