Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Pic of the Day for Tuesday

Bath shed's 8F 2-8-0 No. 48660 propels a short rake of 16 ton mineral wagons under the loading screen at Cement Quay Old Quarry Wharf. This shot was taken under available artificial room light rather than studio lighting and there is no computeryjiggery apart from the fake smoke effect.

A lot of people new to photography these days think it's all done on the computer, sadly I'll have to disappoint them because good old photographic techniques still rule. Whilst much can be done on a computer to compensate for poor or inexperienced technique, it's still better to get it right in the first place abiding by rules that go back to the era William Fox Talbot. However, digital has allowed colour photography in a wider range of lighting situations than in the days of film, because it would be near on impossible to colour correct under today's low energy domestic lighting. And of course to add a bit of fake smoke one no longer needs to resort to cotton wool which is better left in the wife's make-up bag.


  1. BBC 1 just now on Wind back the 60's about Wellow on Somerset and Dorset.

  2. Bingo - it purely by chance is on in the background and I nearly feel off my chair as I hit the Sky+ button to record it. Lots of cracking clips. I imagine it will be on BBC iPlayer shortly.


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