Monday, 8 March 2010

Starkey Knight and Ford

The Star public house on the quayside at Combwich. Ivan Locksmith's old Austin has certainly been getting around recently. Note the modern metal casks (carrying a keg beer called 'Tantivy') that make the elderly Austin look rather out of place - though of course in those pre MOT days it was quite common to see pre-war cars on the roads even in the 1960's.

Starkey Knight and Ford was a well known Tiverton and Bridgwater brewery which sadly became swallowed up by brewing giant Whitbread in the 1960's. Their beers started to be replaced with Whitbread ales from around 1966 in the pubs.

For any readers of this blog living in the real Combwich, please note that this is just a load of old bull, The Star is just a ficticious model - by contrast the brewery information is fact.

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