Sunday, 7 March 2010

Back Yard

With Combwich still being in a temporary dismantled state, it's given me another chance to have a go at capturing some new angles never before photographed. Here's the rarely seen view of the rear of The Star.

Right: the view of the front of the shabby little building which was made mainly from scraps of paper and cardboard. It is in fact based on a cobblers that used to be in Weybridge, Surrey that vanished around 100 year ago. The slates were applied individually and I think were worth it. The roof line was intentionally distorted to give it that aged look.
Here's the make-believe you all so love.......

'The Star at Combwich was a bit of a mess and rumour has it that the landlord's dogs used to lick the pint glasses clean. The beer was so sour it's unlikely that the canine smell on the glasses would have been noticed. The only food served was a knuckle sandwich along with a little blood and sweat to help it down'

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