Saturday 25 August 2018

85 Hours

A little customer commission I’m just finishing off. Scenic footprint just 4x1 feet (fiddle yard extra on left hand side still to be built). It depicts a Colonel Stephens-ish branch line terminus. A bit of a squeeze, but managed to get a run around loop in just long enough for two passenger carriages.

The motley selection buildings are a selection of well known kits and a grubbed up Bachmann wooden engine shed. Track is good old fashioned copper clad which allowed me to fit everything to the small footprint, not be restricted by ready made point geometry. The diorama case is Tim Horn laser kit. For the first time I tried out LED lighting, a mix of warm and cool strips. The backscene my own creation printed at the local printers.

Around 85 hours,  working on and off, beginning first week of last month. I’ve wanted to build something like this for some time, having a passion for olde worlde run down middle of nowhere.

Click on the photos for bigger views you can really zoom in to!


  1. Iain Rice is correct. You are the scenic maestro!

  2. superb Chris, lots of atmosphere, creative use of little space and inexpensive kits/materials, lovely modelling

  3. Superb as usual. I alway love to look at your work.

  4. Okay, it is time to put to bed the tired old trope that a Model Railway is never finished. Well done, Chris! Anyone ought to be proud to own such a fine model railway and you've shown it can be built in a VERY short time and to a high degree of excellence.


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