Thursday 28 September 2017

Going Commercial

I regularly get requests as to whether I can undertake model making commissions .... so, with a deep breath I have decided to take on a limited amount of work.

You might have that stalled project that needs finishing off, or you you may simply have a model railway* that needs a refresh. Maybe you have some kits to complete or some buildings that are needed on your layout, etc etc....

I'm based in the Surrey area of the UK

See the photo on the right for my contact details

* Please note that I can only undertake third party location work in and around the south east. Smaller layouts, I will work on in my own workshop - the layout owner will be responsible for delivery and collection.


  1. It needs a lot of courage to do this step... I follow your activities on diferent net platforms here and there... wish you good luck from abroad in this new field. Fingers crossed!

  2. Good luck Chris! I have always enjoyed your writing and modelling - trust you will share work on your commissions also :)

  3. Wow. When I saw your bespoke advert to the right, for the first time, I let out a little yippee, as I went for my credit card. I thought I was looking at a cover of a published book of your model railway works. I don’t know if I can handle that little bit of explosive excitement. I guess that idea isn’t so far off base in my imagination .


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