Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The View from Mother's Bedroom

That's Ivo Peters' Bentley in the foreground, taken from the upstairs window of the Pendant & Armchair pub. 'Mother' lives in his room, she rocks to and fro in her armchair for up to 18 hours a day. Rumour has it she has not left the room since 1952.

From that position she can 'keep and eye on her boys' coming and going with their jam sarnies and lemonade, whilst making sure they bring no 'gurls' back... "ohhh no no no no, nothing will come between me and my boys"...

See Polbrook Gurney Colliery at Wycrail on Saturday 2 November - but without 'mother' though....
More info here: http://www.hwdmrs.org.uk/wycrail/

Thanks to James Finister for sending in this link; should you not have seen his post below:


  1. Chris,

    Sounds like Flossie Lane

    1. Thanks for this - fab read! I've added your link with credit to you in the main post - cheers!

  2. Flossie had much coverage in our local press when she was alive, and her parlour pub was quite a place.


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