Sunday, 17 March 2013

Polbrook Gurney Colliery Update: Facebook etc...

As part of converting Polbrock into Polbrook Gurney Colliery, sadly the level crossing had to go, the higher level of the new adjacent headshunt and sidings rather negating its usefulness.

Luckily removing the checkrails and picking out the Das modelling clay the road surface was metalled with was an easy task, with ballast taking its place in due course and maybe a small foot crossing from old sleepers to allow access to the halt.

The pub will remain 'as is', despite suggestions that it should be renamed from the 'Pedant & Armchair' to 'The Miners Arms'. The 'Pee and Aee', as it's called by its regulars provides a useful place for those irritating people we all come across at shows and internet forums, giving them somewhere to go during the week when not in care and when the forums fall over from time to time.

Also today, a couple of hours was spent applying cosmetic chairs to the new bullhead rail/copper clad built point that links BR with the colliery - a fiddly job, but one that is important seeing so much effort was put into the original Polbrock track work which uses C & L components.

With time being so short before RAILEX at the end of May, I was tempted not to do this to save time, but the couple of hours required to file the chairs down so they could be superglued onto the copper clad sleepers was well spent I think.

Regulars to this blog, will notice that yet again I have not been posting here quite as much, this is not due to lack of activity, but simply down to the fact that these days I don't sit in front of the computer quite as much twiddling my thumbs. However my Facebook 'Like' page at gets daily updates that don't take as long as writing a blog post, because such can often be performed from my mobile/cell phone when on the fly, many of which are small progress reports on various project that maybe don't warrant a whole blog update.

You: Blogger, the machine that drives this blog has made it tricky for blog interaction from you the reader, with silly anti-spam measures which require clever and highly convoluted skills to work out a puzzle of random letters and numbers before any comments can be posted. Facebook however, is a lot simpler, if for some reason you want to comment on some of the drivel I post, get down with da kidz if you're not already. and 'like'


  1. yeah, must admit, posting follow up comments from the phone is pretty tricky sometimes, but I like to read comments on the fly. Keep blogging though Chris, we're still reading :)

  2. Hello Chris, those chairs are worth the fiddly work, I think, looks good.

    Glad you are keeping the Pedant & Armchair name. Can you imagine being behind the counter in that pub, I hope the owner is a vey patient man!

    Agree about all the anti-spam manoeuvres on here. Quite annoying. I have the verification bit switched off, and then just approve comments manually. The amount if spam I get isn't bad - but it may increase with visitor numbers, I dunno.

  3. It definitely looks like it was worth the time to add the cosmetic chairs, they really bring the track to life.

    As for blogger, you do know you can turn the word puzzles (they are called captchas) off? If you still want some level of spam control you can set it so that you have to authorize each post, but that is still friendlier than making people complete the captchas.

  4. Oh, so you are using captchas and authorizing each comment. In that case I'd definately suggest turning off the captchas -- it's the "Show Word Verification" option on the posts and comments settings page.

  5. Keep blogging Chris, for those of us that don't or won't do Facebook!

    Does the verification thingamy really put people of commenting? I might turn it of on my blog if so.

  6. Thanks for the tips, I've found it and turned it off.

    When it appeared comments dropped dramatically. When denied a post because they couldn't read the back to front and upside down letters they'd also lose their post too.

  7. Firstly, please don't stop blogging, your work is inspirational and the posts give insights into the modelling world that would seem baffling to many if it wasn't unpacked in an open and honest way by modellers such as yourself, I think the community needs more people like you who encourage beginners to give different aspects of railway modelling a go without fear of the rivet counters!

  8. Also are the chairs you talk of the standard ones from C+L? If so, do they match the height of the rails when used with copper clad construction. I am pondering the use of their timber tracks sleepers but not sure if there is any room for adjustment once stuck down. As it my first foray into hand built construction I can see myself needing plenty of scope for adjustability.


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