Wednesday 9 January 2013

Wednesday's Load of Old Rubbish

 October 1962 saw a curious working from Sheffield which required an Eastern Region Class O1 working along this former S&DJR line to Catcott Burtle. It's believed that the MOD were involved in what was a very dangerous time during the Cuban Missile Crises with WW3 almost breaking out. Was the gunpowder van hiding something far more sinister? We'll probably never know.

The joy of toy trains is that one can create and write all sorts of rubbish to support rose tinted excuses to run what ever one wants to run. The above being my excuse for a loco well and truly away from its beaten track which would have been from the other side of the country. Mix a bit of real history in and it's a little more believable and is probably good enough for most, apart from those that don't really enjoy the hobby and the fun escapism it brings to most of us.

Click on the photo to enlarge by the way...

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