Saturday 18 August 2012

Blue Bubble

W55033 slows for Polbrock. In the mid-1970's this unit was a regular performer on the Bridport branchline in Dorset. Click to enlarge.

The model here is a 'Bubble car' conversion from a 2 car Lima unit. This conversion was done around 1984 when the real thing was still in BR Blue and running on BR. In more recent times the Lima 'pancake motor' has been replaced with a Black Beetle power bogie. The glazing has also been replaced with 'Gem Flushglaze' and those with eagle eyes will spot the window that's fallen out! After almost 30 years, it could still do with passengers, crew and some destination blinds.

The real W55033 is still around and is based at the Colne Valley Railway in Essex painted in green with the distinctive small yellow warning panels of the era.

In due course I'm hoping one of the mainstream manufacturers with release an updated model of this useful prototype with proper flush glazing and flywheel for good slow running. Whilst this tweeked 30 year old model looks OK on its own, it doesn't hold muster against modern ready to run releases too well when in such company.

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  1. There is something about rail blue on a DMU that screams "vintage" in a way that green doesn't. Maybe it reminds me of youthful train trips in vehicles that rattle as much as the current life-expired versions do. Perhaps that this was the era before the railway covered itself in stickers and pretended to be exciting.


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