Sunday 25 July 2010

Battle of the Blue Pullmans

On Sunday 26 July 2010, Bachmann at their press day made the unexpected announcement that they hope to be producing the Blue Pullman after several years of enthusiasts hankering on internet forums and various web & magazine published 'wants lists'. For OO fans, until now unless you were a very keen scratchbuilder the only option would have been to pick up a the 45 year old Triang model which can command high rates for clean examples.

Today will no doubt throw water on Olivias Trains recent Heljan commission; but from an enthusiast's point of view competition might be good in that it will keep prices to a realistic level for the British enthusiast - should both manufacterers go ahead which I hope they do.

I wonder too if Hornby will jump on the bandwagon with a re-release of the 1960's Triang release seen above under their budget but highly regarded Railroad range?

Whatever the outcome, this is great news for the enthusiast that has been pestering manufacturers for one these attractive trains, let's just hope now that they open their wallets and buy one!

Watch the speculation unfold on these forums below....

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