Wednesday 18 November 2009

The Pug and the Chummy

Radstock's 'Pug' No 51202 made a very unusual appearance shunting the sidings at Catcott Burtle one bright Tuesday in September 1952.

The 'Pug' which is a 2004 vintage Hornby offering was picked up on Ebay back in the summer. I have added additional detail, a repaint, renumber and weathering. Much to my surprise it is a delightful runner. Opening out the wheel back-to-backs to just under 15mm have minimised any tendency to waddle and allow the little loco to negotiate C&L pointwork with no problems. Prototypically, the overall look is quite close, the thickness of the cab apertures are probably the weakest link.

The Austin 7 is from a Springside kit.

1 comment:

  1. Well done for building a Springside vehicle kit. Locos are a lot easier.


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