Thursday 15 October 2009

Joining the two modules together!

Earlier today, the two boards were offered together on the new higher (4' 3") trestles I share with Catcott. This is the viewing angle for someone around 6 foot high. Total length scenic is 9 foot x 2 foot. I may operate from the front or behind depending on how scary the audience are when out on the road. The open end on the right hand end allows a wider viewing angle for the punters.


  1. My, they do go together well don't they? I really do like the open ended view. The only niggle I have is the very noticeable black pillar there between the two modules. Had you considered painting that to blend in with the sky/somehow?

  2. I'm keen to keep the separation between the two modules to create distance - hence the black pillar and facia. The layout won't always be operated as two modules, but sometimes on their own.

  3. Looks fantastic Chris. It works in every sense. 2 for 1 !! When is the first outing ? Cant wait to see this in operation. The suspended pelmet and open end begs to have a camera pointed at it !

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