Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Further extension progress

3 August 2009; some midway baseboard progress for Cement Quay's 3ft 6 x 2ft extension. Note the hybrid construction of timber, hardboard and foam board (the bases for this is in fact a set of disused folding legs!). Why? That's because I had these items to hand - waste not, want not.

The track (Peco large radius curved code 75 points which will have all the nasty bits trimmed off and SMP bullhead for the plain track) is just temporarily placed for effect. Between the 2 vertical uprights (which will support a lighting pelmet) will be a curved 1/16 inch thick by 1 foot high marine plywood backdrop - I'll be adding that next, with apertures for the two exiting tracks linking to the existing layout (with the exit to the right going to a cassette yard behind the backscene).

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