Monday 13 April 2009

Quicky Brickie Effect!

We all like a quick fix - here's a new one, well to me at least!

Cheap coloured pencils from the supermarket were used to add variety and relief to what what previously a drab all over 'brick colour' on this Artitec resin kit. No need to be too accurate colouring each brick individually, that would look too contrived and cartoony. It works quite well on the paintwork too for peeling faded paint. Click on the image to enlarge!

Of course you can do this with paint, though this is alot quicker and will probably save you having to buy lots of extra tins of paint. Just seal in the finished job with matt aerosol like Krylon or Testors.

This project which is part of my Somerset Coal field inspired micro will feature in greater detail later this year in Hornby Magazine.


  1. very good idea..very effective result...but...just how did you come across the idea of using htese colours in the first instance?

  2. Very nice !! i will remenber this for my construction ...


  3. Choice of colours? I just look at the real work around me. get it wrong? Pencil rubber!


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