Monday, 9 February 2009

Bath's Finest 5

Bath Green Park's 45440 propels a short rake of Dogfish ballast hoppers into the siding at Catcott in preparation for engineering work at the weekend.

Here's the Black Five renumbered as Bath Shed's 45440 - it needs proper weathering (So far it's only had an inital airbrush of matt varnish mixed with browny grey, further detail to follow) and a proper close coupling (the one that comes with the loco has simply been uncrewed for these quick grabbed snaps). Lights, crew? In due course. The driver and fireman are swinging off the far side running board looking for the missing lamps - well, that's my excuse for the time being. Clever that snapper, for three of these shots he managed to get three differing angles of the consist all at the same time

1 comment:

  1. This is a bloomin' good shot. You've managed to get the loco to look properly heavy, and the atmospheric distance achieved towards the houses adds to the overall effect. It looks like the loco is grinding the grass, like many a freight only line these days! Top job.


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