Monday, 22 December 2008

Noch! Noch! - Enter the Gras Master!

Furthering Cement Quay's look before its show in Guildford on the 17th Jan 2009, the other day saw the purchase of the highly acclaimed Noch Gras Master from the excellent Gaugemaster at Ford near Arundel.
The Gras Master is a useful tool for applying static grasses to model layouts and dioramas, the 'static' feature making the 'grass' fibres stand upright as they land onto the surface of the layout.
Tests so far have proven very effective, as hopefully the pictures here will demonstrate with the Noch fibres blending in very well with the existing Silfor grass matting.

I think the days of ground foam scatter replicating grass rather badly from that well known manufacturer beginning with 'W' and others are truly past their sell by date on the realism stakes.
However this new found realism does come at a price, with the recently introduced Gras Master 2 coming in at just over a ton. To put it into proper perspective though, it's only the price of a couple of new locos and most of us have too many of those anyway, so I consider it money well spent - it doing far more for your layout than those new locomotives.


  1. Hey! Looks excellent. What kind of Noch fibres are you using? Do you have the catalogue numbers? I find that many of them have unrealitic colurs.

    Thanks in advance.


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