Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Polbrook Gurney Colliery Update - starting to look like a layout...

Been really busy today adding Das modelling clay to the lightweight colliery sidings. The clay is bright orange, so the power of Photoshop helps remove that aspect until I get around to painting it. But if you really want to see the the Sunny D look, click on the thumb to the right...

The difference between the heavier traditional British bullhead track in the foreground contrasts nicely with the light weight colliery flat bottomed rail sidings.

Lots more to do yet though! Railex is just a few weeks away....


  1. Hmm, that modelling clay gives me ideas. It's more or less the same shade as the soil around Shropshire/Herefordshire/Worcestershire.

  2. Looking really good there Chris. I'm looking forward to seeing the Das tunnel in the background completed

  3. The incline up to the colliery really adds interest and veracity. I do like the toned down photo backscene too. I always find it difficult to extend a fully realised layout, the add on sections never seem to work for me, but you've proved it can be done. Already like it lots.


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