Friday, 24 August 2012

Medstead & Four Marks needs saving!

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This delightful OO gauge working model of Medstead & Four Marks station on the preserved Watercress Line could soon be going to the local tip if a new custodian cannot be found.

Sadly its creator passed away a couple of years ago and now his widow needs to downsize which means that this cracking model of this well known Watercerss Line station needs to go to a new home or tragically be broken up.

The layout is a permanent layout which has been built into the loft room, but having examined it, I think with a little careful use of a jig saw and Dremel to slit the track to create some baseboard joins for extraction through the loft hatch. later reassembly at its new home could consist of a simple sub baseboard which would support the original structure. The layout as seen here is around 75% complete, so there is plenty of scope for a new owner to make his or her mark on it whilst allowing its creator's vision to live on.

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Fiddle yards are built into the property, so the the owner would need to build new ones, these could either make the layout form part of a roundy-roundy or end to end depending on location.

The size of the scenic section is around 10 feet long and about 2ft 6 inches deep, and to my eyes the station area looks to be around scale length as I discovered whilst trying to match my model shots to photos of the real station whilst shooting this delightful layout for a forthcoming Model Rail magazine. 

There is no stock supplied, the locomotives and trains here being borrowed from a Mid Hants Railway driver for the shoot. But luckily most of the trains suitable for this model can be found ready to run, and of course it being a preserved railway means that almost anything will go!

The model is based near the Watercress Line in Hampshire, and If you'd like to discuss giving it a new home drop Eddie Field a line on eddie @ bussolutionssouth . co . uk (remove the gaps) who'll be able to give you more information and arrange a viewing for serious seekers.

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