Monday, 27 June 2011

The Punter's View

nevard_110627_BQ_IMG_0286 by nevardmedia
nevard_110627_BQ_IMG_0286, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Here's a punter's view of 'BQ' - Brewhouse Quay's all so trendy nickname, a bit like Baz, Caz, Tez is to hip 30 or 40 something Barrys, Carolines and Terrences. Though to be honest the abbreviated name probably has to do with where most of the raw materials came from!

Some of the snaps of this tiny 4ft x 2ft layout tend to make the layout look rather big, I'm not sure why, but I guess getting the camera right in there and avoiding layout edges helps a lot. Good depth of field tends to rather buck the preconception that model photos should have a minimal focus - but I gather in contrast that there are photo-editing tools that will promise to make the real world look like a model by making large parts of the photo look out of focus.

So, when you turn up to BQ's first outing at Model Rail Live in September, this is pretty well what will greet you, though you will have the addition of the Model Rail stand and various red clad members of the editorial team initially cursing what an awkward layout this is to operate with the high backdrop and 3 link couplings. Actually, with the little practice the layout is fun to operate, and there's plenty of scope to make up some kind of shunting puzzle too! I'll of course do my best to answer any questions - and if you're nice and don't smell too much you can have a go as well!

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