Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dining Room Table Mock-Up

A mock up on the dining room table with 'Coal & Steam' buldings so far completed. In case you think this project is further down the road that I've let on, the living room wall has been replaced with a blurry sky from the Bridport area using Photoshop to help me gauge where I'm going with this project.

Since the previous update, I've addressed the brick areas on the shaft buildings at the rear, they now blend in alot better with the stonework and look far more natural. I'll post an update of that aspect in due course.

The plan is to to feature this project in far greater detail on the printed page in due course, this will be with stage by stage illustrations backed up with my often offbeat but simple and very speedy techniques.
Want to see a bigger version of the snap above? If yes, click on it and then follow the 'all sizes' option.

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