Sunday, 8 November 2009

Wycrail 2009

Well, Cement Quay and its new 'mini me' survived it first outing in extending form at the excellent Wycrail. Not only is the layout 60% bigger it's also higher (4ft 3") - it now sharing Catcott Burtle's legs and drape, which I hope improved the experience for viewer.

Just after the doors opened, some weird electrical fault cause total failure for a minute or two, I think this may have been caused by me snagging the wiring loom whilst rather hastily shoving the dustbin liner cocooned layout into the car during a rain storm on Friday night. A grope of the wiring to ensure that maybe a couple of droppers weren't touching and shorting appeared to solve the problem (I have a 1978 MGB with Lucas/Prince of Darkness electrics so I'm used to groping electrics in a mindless way to get a result).

Ergonomically the layout really is too big to use the original control panel on one end which was OK for a layout which in its original form was just over 5 feet long. I'm tempted to simply go back to manual under baseboard push pull point control using rods which is simple to work and easy to fix. The same will be said of the Spratt and Winkles, whilst they uncouple when you want them to, they also do the same thing when you don't. Additionally the hook tends to get in the way and bind with loco buffer beam detail and cause the odd derailment when going over a crossover. So, back to three links in due course I fear - they're bullet proof and so easy to install (I'm still 3 link with all my steam stock and it's going to remain that way).

I still need to sort out the lighting on the extension, it doesn't match the main section despite same scenic colours and illumination. The problem lies with the bulb positioning which I'll address in due course.

Picture above: next outing will be steam/early diesel (not forever) - I favour the idea of and evolving layout to keep things fresh.

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  1. You could always try Kadees. They don't look too bad, especially on modern stock, and work pretty effectively. And will preserve your sanity more than 3-links! Of course like any coupling there are drawbacks, mainly fitting them and the magnets.


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