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Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Titfield/Marlow Donkey 1980’s find in the garage!

Back in 1982 I bought this little loco, I recall back then this highly regarded little Airfix 14xx was right there at the cutting edge of ready to run manufacturing. Airfix at the time more well known for its ancient plastic kits and 1/72nd scale model aeroplanes, for the early 1980’s was the era of self coloured plastic and missing flanges for anything that had more than 4 wheels.

I renumbered this pretty little locomotive as 1451, why this particular number I have no idea, but I guess through looking at the etched replacement plates on the cabsides, that the number was simple available from one of the ‘men in sheds’ manufacturers that tickled my fancy at the time. I recall the weathering, was something I was very proud of, for back in the early 1980's people didn't tend to do such things other than maybe splash a dose of 'dirty thinners' over everything – though even that was frowned upon by the mildew ridden, adenoidal thermos touting brigade!

I rediscovered this little locomotive last night whilst having a rummage through the garage looking for some stock to use for a shoot I’m doing for Catcott Burtle. The loco hasn’t run in years (20 plus I guess), with the sparks and ozone emitted from it when some volts passed through its heavy flanges suggested a generation of storage in various dank locations was not to going provide the phoenix I had hoped! Hopefully you’ll forgive the missing couplings and ground in dust!

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