Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Drunken Railway Cat and other things....

47276 arrives at Combwich with a Sunday engineering train. See a bigger version of this photo HERE!

I must apologise for maybe getting a bit tardy with all these Combwich snaps, it's just that I haven't had the layout set up in the house for years! Here's another grab under the available room lighting, this time of the little 'Bagnall' arriving at Combwich with a Sunday engineering train formed of a rake of repainted Heljan Dogfish and a LNER Dia 120 4W BY Pigeon Brake Van built from a Chivers Finelines kit. Whether they ever acted as a brake on such a train I have no idea, but it was on the layout at the time and I quickly snapped and processed this shot just before going to bed last night.

The cat on the ganger's hut was bought at Pendon many years ago and looks rather more like a fox that had a spell with the local chimney sweep, or at least inbibed in too much local cider judging by the angle. The SR concrete hut could be treated better now, I'm much better and doing concrete (you'll have to wait for my feature on the printed page) these days. This angle shows off the refresh with the Noch Gras Master, a fabulous tool that allows one to place hairy grass on almost any existing surface in a matter of seconds.

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  1. A Pendon cat ? I can beat that I bought a plastic oil rig kit from them years ago. Obvioulsy didn't fit into the Vale Scene :-)


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