Thursday, 28 October 2010

Postman Penguin

Here's Postman Penguin snapped at Ankle Bend Crossing near Combwich Station!

My wife collects miniature penguins, with this one from Murano Glass being one of the cutest and smallest of all at a mere 20mm tall. This little fellow was found on Ebay and is one of around a 100 in her collection of these beaky, slippery, black & white creatures! I'm really tempted to do some more silly shots with a few more of these penguinesque fellas because they're far more fun than badly moulded and painted white metal figures that look like they've escaped from Quatermass or Doctor Who.


  1. On a serious note - as both a railway modeller and a wargamer, it always intrigues me which bits the two hobbies do badly at.

    Generally? Wargamers don't do much beyond the very basic green cloth/table plus rudimentary trees, hills, hedges, buildings. But they go to town on figure painting, with full shading etc.

    Railway Modellers? great scenery. But I'd love to see us as a hobby actually bother to paint figures as well as the average wargamer.

  2. Totally agree with your sentiment Mike.....Having a foot in both camps myself I know exactly were your coming from. Though I can't say I'm any better than the average wargamer or railway modeller.


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