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Monday, 25 October 2010

A Balmy Day in '62

Bath Green Park's 48660 is captured shunting the sidings at Combwich in September 1962. Black 5 No. 45440 can also been seen on shed - quite what it was doing here is uknown, but it's though to have hauled a 'special' working to do with the nuclear power programme at nearby Hinkley Point. See a bigger version of the photo here!

Of course the above is just aload of old rubbish - all just a bit of fun.

Like with previous shots of Combwich being tidied up for Wycrail on the 6th Nov (and also Railex in May '11) this one was taken under the single 60w domestic bulb in the ceiling with a long exposure. 5 identical images focussed on key spots were combined using software to increase the depth of field. The sky; the lower section is the the actual rather badly painted backscene, the area above a little wash with Photoshop to hide the walls and windows the layout is currently residing in.


  1. How about using a clear 42w halogen bulb? Smaller point source of the same amount of light. How about lowering the bulb in the room, if that's possible.

  2. One could if I had such, but I couldn't be bothered to start messing about for this snap when trying to cook dinner at the same time;-)
    Maybe I should retitle it 'midday sun'.

  3. It's something to think about for the future. Just a suggestion...

  4. Shots like this are making the 4 hour round trip much more tempting..!

  5. Alternatively, one of those LED lights might be good to add to my proper studio kit for when 'sharp' light is required. The only problem with tiny light sources is getting enough power to overcome any other ambient light which most of the time is impossible to get rid of - that and covering a wide enough area without having to 'paint'. My proper studio lighting is around 4000w equiv and kills anything else around!


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