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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wild Grass is TALL!

Many railway modellers will go to enth degree to ensure that their flanges are to the correct scale, yet they still model their landscape with grass no taller than what might be seen on a top of a golf course. I'm not quite sure why this is, I hazzard a guess it's because many of them are so flange obsessed they don't have time to look at the real world or are so short sighted due to all that flange gawping they literally cannot see it due to damaged eyesight.

This snap; another taken in the delightful Somerset village of Priddy high up in the Mendips shows tall summer grasses backlit by the evening sun, the height of which must be getting on for 5 or so feet tall (that's 20mm in 1/76th scale land!!). Of course, those flangists would never model anything so tall because you never see such in real life do you?

Please note; not all flangists are totally ignorant (some of them are quite decent and I even have the odd one or two as good friends), just there are enough of the other ones out there for me to have a harmless poke at as well as giving me an excuse to write some drivel to introduce the above photo.

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